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Powerd offers the ability to use YouTube or Spotify to stream your playlist with each track/video at a certain interval. You can set how long each song plays and how many songs play. You can also select sound effects to play between intervals. Try it out yourself without registration with Quick Play. Powerd also offers a tool to curate interval playlists that contain custom sound effects, images, and videos all customized for time. Currently, this tool only has YouTube as a streaming option. To access this tool, you'll need to sign up with us for free. If you're not interested in signing up, you can find some already curated interval playlists by browsing or seeing them of the front page.


We also offer the ability to host your interval playlists to your friends and the public by enabling Party. Once you're in the room you just need to share the link to your friends and they will be able to listen to your playlist in real time.


We are availabe in the browser, on iOS and on Android. Currnetly, the browser is the only place you can create custom intervals with YouTube. On the mobile apps, you'll be able to stream these YouTube playlists as well as quickly start your Spotify playlists.

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