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Looking for some people to make this app better.
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November 29, 2020
Social Media / Advertising

Do you have experience running any social media accounts? Ours suck and are not active. We are looking for someone to help try to get more people aware of the web app and a stronger presence on these platforms. Also we have a small budget to use on some creative advertising. If you're creative and are interested in giving some of your time to the Power Hour Project, let us know.


We are looking for a person or some people that could create an animated logo video. In addition to that we want a video that contains the same animated logo but then a "waiting" graphic for an hour. This second video is shown for people that enable to YouTube player during Power Hour Parties but the host has not started the video yet.

Depending on your abilities we have a small budget to pay for these videos / animated logos.


The app is build with node.js backend. A ton of jquery for the front side. We use postgres as our database. We use firebase realtime database for the party feature. Of course the YouTube and Spotify APIs. Are you familiar with any of these techs or feel a different stack would be better and would like help with the project? Hit us up.

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