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Updates / Blog
What's going on with the Power Hour Project
iOS App Launched
May 29, 2021
iPhone/iPad App

Hey Power Players! You can now download our Power Hour Project iOS app from the Apple App Store. Future plan is to allow users to login to your account to play your created power hours. Even stream them to apple TV. I'm sure there are many errors and I can only try to fix them if you let me know. Enjoy!

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Custom Sound Effecs, Images, and a New Desktop Dashboard
March 16, 2021
Sound Effects

Hey Power Players! You can now go into your dashboard and upload sound effects that you want to use in your power hours. They need to be .wav or .mp3 files. You can choose to make your sound effects public for other Power Players to use. Hopefully we will be able to curate an awesome list of sound effects!


You can upload your own images to use at transitions between songs. We need to make sure you know that the privacy of your images can't be guaranteed. We try our best to keep them safe, but we are not Google, Facebook, or whatever else over here. You'll be asked to confirm this privacy issue before uploading stuff.

Storage Limits

We've set a 10MB limit, for now, of stuff you can upload. If we notice this is WAY too much for a free service or if it isn't enough, we will adjust.

Upgraded Desktop Dashboard

We made the dashboard look better. It should only be accessed with a desktop or a big enough tablet. You can upload an avatar now to use for your account. These avatars will be present during Power Hour Parties and other leaderboards eventually.

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Leaderboards and Version 1/2
January 12, 2021

I'm curious which Power Hours are played the most. So now as the month goes forward we will be able to see. We can now also see which users are playing the most. How many points are earned depending on action is still being dicussed - right now, just playing power hours will give you points.

Version 1 to Version 2

A lot of Power Hours were converted to version 2. Check your power hours to make sure they are not busted up too much with the transition. Email or hit up the Discord if you need help. Version 1 power hours will be deleted soon.

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Add Your Twitch Stream to Your Power Hour Party
December 17, 2020

You can now add your Twitch channel when you host a power hour. This allows the party visitors to see your stream and the YouTube video that's playing at the same time. Not sure if this is a completey useless feature. Only time will tell. The idea is that during your Power Hour, visitors could leave twitch and hang out at the Power Hour Project until the power hour is complete and they can head back to Twitch to continuing enjoying your stream.

We've also fixed some power hour builder issues, some playback issues, and some UI improvements for different size screens.

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Power Hour Builder Version 2
November 26, 2020
Try out the Power Hour Builder version 2!

I've put some work into re-writing the power hour builder to add additional features. Hopefully it isn't too confusing for people. Here's a shitty image that may help clarify some of the options. Just click "Create a Power Hour Version 2" in your dashboard to give it a shot. I've also re-written the Power Hour Party feature (now using Realtime Database with Google's Firebase) with this version 2 of the Power Hour Builder. Using version 1 will keep everything the same as we've had it, but I encourage you to try using version 2 as it has more features and version 1 will eventually be depreciated.

I suspect we will run into errors along the way. Please let me know if you run into something by sending an email to or finding us on Discord.

We have been focused on making the Power Hour Builder something people should do on a desktop or tablet rather than phone. We don't have a strong UI right now for version 2 of the builder on mobile.

New Features of Power Hour Builder Version 2
  1. Completely customized length of tracks can be set including start time and end time.
  2. Customized sound effects can be added to each track individually.
  3. You can add images that will pop between tracks (good for additional "Kings" card game like Waterfall, Categories, or whatever between tracks). I'm excited to see if anyone gets creative with this feature. -- We offer no hosting of images right now. Try some free hosting such as (you can privately store images there.) You'll just need the image URL.
  4. You can add a single youtube track rather than searching for a playlist every time.
  5. You can change the title and artist of each item if it's not the correct track title and artist.
  6. More stuff I've forgotten at this point.
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Android Beta App
September 11, 2020
Native App

Power Hour players, try out the BETA android app now. Follow this link. We are looking for feedback, negative and positive alike. Currently the app supports YouTube playlist Power Hours and streaming Spotify Power Hours. We are still working on logging in and using your custom Power Hours you've built through the website. We need to get the engine running the Power Hour bug free first. Thanks to anyone who downloads and offers some feedback

Fear not iOS users, the beta for your platform is on the way.

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Koozies My Dudes.
May 21, 2020
Free Koozies

Power Hour players, we are looking for some help getting people to the site. We are launching our koozies promotion. We need you all to show how much fun a Power Hour can be. Whether you're in person or online, post a photo of you and your friends playing a Power Hour on social media and we will send you a koozie. Check this page for more information.

If you want a koozie but don't want to deal with social media shit, you can donate 4 bucks to us and we will send you a koozie. Check the top of the home page for the link.

Hot Fixes

There was some stupid errors occuring last weekend. We fixed them (I hope) and this weekend should go smoothly. As always contact us for concerns, questions, suggestions.

In the Works
  1. Sound Effects between tracks for Spotify users.
  2. Power Hour Party feature for Spotify Premium users.
  3. A better full screen experience for YouTube Power Hours.
  4. The ability to change certain Power Hour settings during the Power Hour.
Power Hour on-
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Updates Weekend 5/8
May 8, 2020
Quick Feature Changes
  1. When setting the start times for each track, the video that appears when clicking on the thumbnail will stick to the right side of the screen so you don't have to keep scrolling up. Shout out to Rikki!
  2. You now have the option to set your custom Power Hours to PUBLIC. This puts your Power Hour in our public library for other users to play!
  3. You can now add up to three genres to your power hour. This allows users to more easily search the library for Power Hours they want.
  4. You can Browse public Power Hours from the this page. You can access this page from the home page, the dashboard, or the menu.
  5. Power Hours made through the Power Hour Project now had four metrics that are associated for searching and leaderboards. Plays, Finishes, Drinks, and Genre. See more details below.
  6. During your Power Hour users can click the "Cheers" button every track to add a drink point to the Power Hour.
Plays, Finishes, Drinks, and Genres

All custom Power Hours now have these four metrics to use in searching the public library of Power Hours. If you have created a Power Hour before this date, you'll need to set your Power Hour to public through the editing processes on your dashboard to let other people play your Power Hour. Set the genres of your Power Hour too! Plays are accumulated for your Power Hour every time someone starts playing that Power Hour. Finishes are accumulated every time a user completes that Power Hour. Finally, Drinks are accumulated any time someone clicks the "Cheers" button during the Power Hour. This button can only be pressed once a track. We are moving this way in the hopes of cateloging some kick ass Power Hours and giving them to the world! Hey, we are also in the mindset of dishing out some dough for people who make Power Hours that people love to play. More on this later.

Power Hour on ya'll.

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Updates Weekend 5/1
May 1, 2020
Quick Feature Changes
  1. You can hide the playlist during a YouTube power hour by selecting that option during set-up. Shout out to Taylor!
  2. The “Party” pop-up has been moved to cover the playlist instead of the video on desktop sized screens. Shout out to Jeff!
  3. We fixed an issue that large playlists would not play when creating custom power hours. Shout out to Rikki!
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Moving Forward with Increasing Registered User Features and Some Unregistered User Restricitons.
April 22, 2020
Quick Feature Changes
  1. From now on, players will only be able to "host" a Power Hour Party if they are registered with the website.
  2. Power Hour Party Hosts now have the ability to set their party as "public." If this is done, their room code will be available to see and join at the Open Parties page for any user that visits the site.
  3. Your account has a level associated with it. Earn experince by playing a Power Hour to level up!
Hey Power Hour Players!

Another week, another update. This week we've fixed a couple hickups that we ran into last weekend with the intention of eventually creating the perfect Power Hour tool of all time. This week though, we are focusing on moving forward with increasing what it really means to be registered with the Power Hour Project. Previously, registration only gave you the ability to create a Power Hour with unique starting times for each track - an important feature, no doubt, but we want to keep moving foward.

From now on, players will only be able to "host" a Power Hour Party if they are registered with the website. We are moving in this direciton becuase the monitary cost of Power Hour Parties can't be ignored (asynchronous data management through PubNub is not free :) ). We will hope to eventually add more restrictions to hosting parties and divide these restrictions among pay-to-play tiers. Some brainstorming consists of having free account holders be able to host, but have limited number of visitors and limited number of additional options for their Power Hour. Upgrading to a pay-to-play account will give users the ability to increase number of visitors in their Power Hour Party and increase customization settings. This is still all in planning stages, but we hope one day we can move the Power Hour Project in this direction. In the meantime, there are no restrictions on current registered users hosting Power Hour Parties.

Power Hour Party Hosts now have the ability to set their party as "public." If this is done, their room code will be available to see and join at the Open Parties page.

User Levels

It's always been a dream of mine to figure out the best Power Hour Players of all time. This is why we are launching User Levels. You gain experience by hosting a Power Hour Party, playing through a Power Hour, playing through a Power Hour as a guest to a Party, or creating your own Power Hours. Will this be a usesless feature? Who knows. Right now, there is no limit to the level you can achieve. There are no monitary prize for leveling up - but you can feel better about your Power Hour Abilities. We are launching the beginning steps to this feature with future intentions of giving users the ability to use their level as an advantage during the Power Hour. How so? Maybe if you're high enough level you can send a "Waterfall" to the Power Hour group. Basically, the higher the level, the more choices you have to make your friends drink up. Baby steps on this one - but start earning that experience now!

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