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Leaderboard reset the first of every month.
Choose a playlist. One* minute each song.
Take a drink between each song.
Wanna help work on this project?
Quick Changes Log
Front page leaderboards now available. Fixed an issue with earning points to increase score. Transferred a majority of version 1 power hours to version 2. Version 1 will be deleted soon. Playing a public power hour through the browse function will play with version 2 features.
Fixed a problem with adding a single track to a power hour - thanks garbear for notifying me! When adding a playlist or item to the power hour the item totals at the bottom of the screen will immediately update. Updated index theme.
Added a quick change log, custom Power Hour shuffle now available (thanks gigawatson) , another fix to prevent weird behavior adding certain playlists when creating a power hour.
Fixed an issue adding a playlist when in create power hour version 2.
Fixed an issue that breaks the power hour when the video is shorter than the timer.
Issues List
Web app looks bad and UI doesn't function well on Amazon Firestick
A report that a lot of videos will skip randomly; I'm unable to reproduce this problem.
Casting chrome browser to chromecast is laggy and isn't really playable.
When casting chrome browser to chromecast and going fullscreen requires zooming out in the chrome settings for it to look right.
Sometimes the sound will mute on videos with sound effects enabled.
Users can join a party multiple times and user list has multiple of that user.
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Let's get your power hour started with a YouTube Playlist link or a your Spotify Premium Playlist.
You need a YouTube playlist link to use this service. Video playback included. You do not need to sign in for any service.
You need Spotify Premium and give Power Hour Project permissions to use your playlists. No video playback included.