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Updates Weekend 5/8
<div><strong>Quick Feature Changes</strong> <ol> <li>When setting the start times for each track, the video that appears when clicking on the thumbnail will stick to the right side of the screen so you don't have to keep scrolling up. Shout out to&nbsp;<strong>Rikki</strong>!</li> <li>You now have the option to set your custom Power Hours to PUBLIC. This puts your Power Hour in our public library for other users to play!</li> <li>You can now add up to three genres to your power hour. This allows users to more easily search the library for Power Hours they want.</li> <li>You can Browse public Power Hours from the&nbsp;<a href="">this page</a>. You can access this page from the home page, the dashboard, or the menu.</li> <li>Power Hours made through the Power Hour Project now had four metrics that are associated for searching and leaderboards. Plays, Finishes, Drinks, and Genre. See more details below.</li> <li>During your Power Hour users can click the "Cheers" button every track to add a drink point to the Power Hour.</li> </ol> </div> <div><strong>Plays, Finishes, Drinks, and Genres</strong></div> <p>All custom Power Hours now have these four metrics to use in searching the public library of Power Hours. If you have created a Power Hour before this date, you'll need to set your Power Hour to public through the editing processes on your dashboard to let other people play your Power Hour. Set the genres of your Power Hour too! Plays are accumulated for your Power Hour every time someone starts playing that Power Hour. Finishes are accumulated every time a user completes that Power Hour. Finally, Drinks are accumulated any time someone clicks the "Cheers" button during the Power Hour. This button can only be pressed once a track. We are moving this way in the hopes of cataloging some kick ass Power Hours and giving them to the world! Hey, we are also in the mindset of dishing out some dough for people who make Power Hours that people love to play. More on this later.<br /><br />Power Hour on ya'll.</p>
Mike (dudewhy)
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