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Custom Sound Effecs, Images, and a New Desktop Dashboard
<div> <div><strong>Sound Effects</strong></div> <p>Hey Power Players! You can now go into your dashboard and upload sound effects that you want to use in your power hours. They need to be .wav or .mp3 files. You can choose to make your sound effects public for other Power Players to use. Hopefully we will be able to curate an awesome list of sound effects!</p> <div><strong>Images</strong></div> <p>You can upload your own images to use at transitions between songs. We need to make sure you know that the privacy of your images can't be guaranteed. We try our best to keep them safe, but we are not Google, Facebook, or whatever else over here. You'll be asked to confirm this privacy issue before uploading stuff.</p> <div><strong>Storage Limits</strong></div> <p>We've set a 10MB limit, for now, of stuff you can upload. If we notice this is WAY too much for a free service or if it isn't enough, we will adjust.</p> <div><strong>Upgraded Desktop Dashboard</strong></div> <p>We made the dashboard look better. It should only be accessed with a desktop or a big enough tablet. You can upload an avatar now to use for your account. These avatars will be present during Power Hour Parties and other leaderboards eventually.</p> </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Mike (dudewhy)
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